Golf Island Residence
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Residential - Golf Island Residence                            
Golf Island Residence
marketing office

PT.Bandung Pakar

(022 2531191)

Spesifikasi Teknis
Foundation : bored pile, until the hard soil Retaining Wall, reinforced concrete.
Wall : brick, plastered, acian, and paint.
Roof : horses lightweight steel frame, concrete tile roof coverings.
Plafond : gypsum board, hollow frame.
Frame : 3 aluminum
Door Leaf : aluminum, glass doors, iron doors.
Sash : aluminum, clear glass, frameless, glass 12 mm glass + stainless.
Balcony : granite tile 60 x 60 (main hall).
Floor : ceramic 40 x 40, 30 x 30, 20 x 20 (room service, bathroom, etc..).
Sanitair : ex Toto / equivalent, standard.
Installation of Hot Water : rifeng pipe.
Electricity : PLN 2200 watt? 220 volts.
Water : equivalent PDAM.
Other : standard park, post office box 1 unit, 1 unit of the flag pole.
Tipe Oakland LB.345M2
Tipe Oakland LB.345M2
Tipe Oakland LB.345M2
Tipe Riviera LB.215M2
Tipe Oakland LB.345M2
Tipe Somerset LB.185M2